Through our International Management Traineeship programme, Aalberts aims to attract talented graduates who will be able to attribute to our long-term success. During the program, trainees complete multiple projects at various Aalberts companies over a period of 18 months. By the end, they have a strong understanding of our business, have built up an extensive network, and are ready to take on a role in our company best suited to their unique abilities and ambitions.

After having finished his bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering and a master’s in Business Management, 26-year-old Max Jaspers started his first Traineeship assignment here within Aalberts integrated piping systems this past January.

“When I found out that Aalberts was looking for new international management trainees with affinity for technology but also aspiring to grown in aspects of business management, I knew that this was a traineeship that was made for me.”

For his first assignment Max was given a placement within the Product Development team at our connection technology competence centre in Hilversum, the Netherlands. Within this team he has been involved in technical optimization and uniformization for specific products within our VSH XPress and VSH SudoPress product lines. After researching and considering multiple technical solutions, Max will present a proposal for the most optimal solutions.

Even though It was a strange time to start a traineeship, Max immediately felt welcome at Aalberts integrated piping systems. “Aalberts integrated piping systems is a very unique company where you can use your creativity and energy in everything. The trust and space you get from day 1 is enormous. The room for possibilities is endless, but you have to do things yourself, which is also nicely reflected in the core values of the company. ‘Be an entrepreneur’ and ‘take ownership’, the two Aalberts core values that Max aspires most. “If you don’t put in the effort yourself, there is no room to grow.”

There are constantly new challenges that Max has to face. Whether these are technical, or non-technical, these daily challenges help Max in achieving the most important end goal, which is delivering a great product. “When you get a step closer to that final goal time and time again, that you are also able to see that your own projects are making progress and that you are truly doing something to improve the approach of Aalberts  integrated piping systems and its products & services, this is what gives me the most satisfaction”

It’s evident that Max is looking forward to the rest of the program and is very excited to see where it will lead him. “I started my traineeship in my own comfort zone, familiar within the technical sector. But I hope that I will also be thrown in the deep end, far beyond my own comfort zone. I hope that when the COVID-19 rules ease, I will be able to leave the familiar motherland to complete projects internationally as well”

One thing is for sure, Max Loves being close to technology and engineering. “My true passion lies in the technical field. Being busy with technology is something I know that I am looking for, whether that is direct engineering or being more on the management side of things”

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