investing in our people

Diversity is one of Aalberts integrated piping system great strengths and attracting people with a broad range of skills and talents, helps us to develop new solutions, remaining competitive and flourish. Yet we believe in investing heavily in our people as they grow within our company, which why the company recently launched three personal development programmes.

Programmes to foster growth

Karen van Munster, who leads the programmes, explains that each one targets people at different stage of their career. “Our goals is to invest in potential and promote growth,” Karen says. “The first programme Explore is aimed at trainees and graduates who have just finished their master’s degree and begun working with the company. The second, Connect, targets recently hires and enables them to discover how to manage themselves effectively and pursue their objectives. And the third programme, Fit, focuses on those with more experience, helping them maximize their natural strengths, leading to greater fulfilment and success in the workplace.”

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