With a proven track record covering more than 100 years, Aalberts integrated piping systems’ offering for the Residential market is an amalgamation of some very well trusted brands from all over the globe. The applications vary from heating and cooling, portable water, and gas installations, up to fire protection solutions. The dimensions of the solution provided will be perfectly tailored to the size of the building. 

Our systems are easy to specify, maintain and install, and meet the highest market requirements. The combined offering from our valve, connection, piping and fastening technologies, together with our design services, emphasizes our unique portfolio


residential reference

Citygate is a prestige project in the Viennese suburb of Floridsdorf. Citygate offers a complete range of infrastructure facilities such as schools, parks and a metro station. This project involved a total investment of 250 million euros.

The project consists of the construction of 1,100 apartments and a large shopping center with a total area of ​​20,000 m2. The apartments are spread over two towers that are respectively 100 m and 80 m high.

All the apartments have been fitted with a sprinkler system. The sprinkler heads (2,280) are installed above each window of an apartment with the aim of preventing a fire from skipping to the apartments above. Since the piping of the sprinkler system had to be embedded in the concrete floors, the Austrian engineer opted for VSH XPress ML.

VSH XPress ML is fast, flexible, and easy to process. The solution includes 32 mm flexible, plastic tubes which are connected to the sprinkler heads. This reduces the number of connections that need to be made and the total of more than 10,000 m of tubing can be installed even faster.