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VSH PowerPress

The most comprehensive thick-walled press system worldwide. Suitable for heating, cooling, sprinkler and compressed air applications.

VSH PowerPress® is a complete compression pipe system for various thick-walled piping applications. The range consists of ½” to 2” DW-profile press fittings and accessories. The time to install is significantly lower and the working environment stays clean. Clear material and size identification increases clarity in the workplace. Short radius bends allow for compact and space-saving installation.

Easy and clean
Compared to other ‘cold’ connection methods, VSH PowerPress® is an extremely user-friendly solution. The use of VSH PowerPress® dispenses with the need for complicated clamping techniques, time-consuming preparations and drying time, so installation is faster and cleaner.

Double security

With VHS PowerPress® systems, the quality of the connection is mainly determined by the tool and not the installer. This significantly reduces the risk of errors during installation. All fittings are equipped with a ‘Leak Before Press’ (LBP) function, further reducing the risk of installation error. The LBP function ensures that unpressed fittings will leak during the initial pressure test. The installer can immediately see which fittings have not been pressed.

All fittings are also equipped with Visu-Control®. After pressing, the Visu-Control® ring breaks free of the fitting, clearly showing which fittings have been pressed. This saves time, as it’s no longer necessary to mark the fittings after pressing.

With VSH PowerPress®, your installation is:


  • Fittings and valves can be pressed in one go
  • Fire safety measures, curing times and permits are no longer necessary
  • Minimal downtime for limited impact on business processes


  • Easy-to-use, clean technology
  • Visu-Control® ring; immediately visible proof of correct pressing
  • Installation using safe, light-weight battery-operated tools


  • Cold connection technology
  • More security with Leak Before Press function
  • Integrated piping systems; one manufacturer, one warranty
  • Compatible with VSH XPress, VSH SudoPress, VSH Shurjoint and more
  • FM certification for fittings, suitable for wet sprinkler systems
  • Double security
  • Immediate identification through colour coding
  • Excellent corrosion resistance from the ZnNi coating
  • Maximum connection reliability thanks to clever serrations on the stainless steel grab ring
  • Complete pipe systems from ½” to 2”
  • BIM